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NAPA Mentoring FAQs

Four Undergraduate Scenarios

The scenarios below are taken from actual queries made to the NAPA mentoring program. Click on the link after each to see the mentor’s response.

Scenario One: I’m currently working on my BA with a dual major in anthropology and another subject. I would like information on what I should be getting involved in, what programs I should be attending, or what I should be considering.  See Response

Scenario Two: I am just starting out in anthropology and am very interested in making it my career in the future, but the school I’m currently going to only offers it as a minor. I am looking for some general information on good schools that offer bachelors and post-graduate degrees in anthropology. I am looking for some tips on how to figure out exactly what I want to do with the anthropology degree and how to get there in the best possible way.   See Response

Scenario Three: I am currently majoring in Spanish and minoring in anthropology. I am looking into getting into applied or cultural anthropology at this point, however I am not exactly sure what I would like to do in these fields. I understand that there are many options, ranging from marketing research to field study in foreign countries. I do not want to change my Spanish major, but since I have decided that I really want to go further into anthropology and may very likely make a career out of it, I was not sure if it was a good idea to just take it as a minor. I have been talking to several people who have already studied anthropology and have jobs as anthropologists from different points of view, and I will be looking into several different areas for internships and field courses. I have also been taking as many electives in very different areas.   See Response

Scenario Four: I have been thinking about a way to spend my summer productively that will best serve my interests in anthropology. I have been talking to my current archaeology professor about going with her this summer to Latin America as a field hand on her current project. We are waiting to see if that will work out. I also thought about volunteering with the regional museum. We happen to have a Native American reservation in my state and that could be a volunteer possibility, too. I plan to study abroad in my junior year and am thinking about graduate school. My GPA is OK but not great. Am I on a good course?   See Response

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