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Mentor Match

Are you an anthropology student about to complete your degree? Do you have your degree but are pondering a career change?

NAPA can assist with your career goals by linking you with a practicing anthropologist. With this connection, mentees receive useful guidance in defining career goals, customizing resumes, and developing a valuable professional network.

Potential mentors and mentees can use the form below to express their interests and situations.

NOTE:  The Coordinator of Mentor-Match will be traveling and out of contact from January 11th to February 6th, 2015.  Inquiries submitted to Mentor-Match during that period will receive acknowledgement and response after February 6th.  Thanks for your patience.

One Response to Mentor Match

  • Maira Nolasco says:

    I am a NYC HUnter student, who would like to intern for an Anthropologist.I will be pursuing my masters in CUltural Anthropology.Hopefully focusing on ethnographic film. Thank you. If you are interested… e-mail me at : mai.nolasco@gmail.com