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NAPA Career Information Center

This section features information about preparing for,  building, and changing careers in anthropology. In addition, you will find job listings, internships and volunteer positions, and information on the NAPA Mentoring Program and the extensive list of mentoring FAQs, as well as the new NAPA Career Podcasts (see the links below).

So what it is that applied and practicing anthropologists do, and where do they work? One answer is, everything and everywhere. In a 2009 AAA career survey, most respondents said they worked in academic institutions (although not necessarily as tenure-track faculty), nonprofit organizations, government (federal, state, local, and tribal), in museums, and for research organizations. A smaller number said they work in the private sector, for corporations or smaller firms, or they had their own business or worked as contractors/consultants. Fewer still worked in K-12 education or for international or nongovernmental organizations.

And what kinds of jobs do anthropologists peform? The list is quite long. Again from the AAA survey, here are the top types of jobs, in order, that anthropologists peformed:

  • Administration/management;
  • Archaeology;
  • Cultural resource management (CRM);
  • Evaluation/assessment;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Ethnography/cultural anthropology;
  • Museum/curation/project design;
  • Health (international/public health);
  • Environment and natural resources;
  • Community development;
  • Education/outreach;
  • Business;
  • Computers/software development/information technology;
  • Advocacy (human rights/social justice);
  • Tourism/heritage;
  • Human/social services;
  • Healthcare management/ services/delivery;
  • Management consulting

And those are only the top several jobs mentioned. To get a bit more clarity on what to do with a career in anthropology, follow the links below. Career Development will give you tips on how to find jobs and what they are about.  The Position Listings will tell you what kind of jobs are currently being advertised with those having anthropological skills. And the Mentoring Program will provide information and match you with someone who can help advise you along the way.

  • Podcasts (conversations with eight practitioner anthropologists about what they do, how they got started, and how anthropology relates to their work)
  • Career Development (job hunting strategies, resume writing, career development, career shifting, consulting, and career resource links)
  • Position Listings (employment directory, volunteer/internships, and field schools)
  • Mentoring Program (information for undergrads to professionals, with FAQs and other useful information)
  • Mentor Match Form (for those seeking a mentor)
  • Mentoring FAQs (Dozens of  answers to the most frequently asked questions of NAPA mentors)

You can also look at the “Practicing Anthropology” page to learn more about what practicing and applied anthropologists do.



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