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California Series in Public Anthropology International Competition – Proposals Wanted

The California Series in Public Anthropology is continuing its International Competition in 2013. It seeks proposals for short books oriented toward undergraduates that focus on how social scientists are facilitating social change. We are looking for accessible, grounded accounts that present compelling stories, stories that inspire others.

The proposals should describe a book that will be relatively short – between 100-150 pages – with a personal touch that captures the lives of people. The core of the book should involve stories of one or more social scientists as change agents, as making a difference in the world.

The University of California Press in association with the Center for a Public Anthropology will award publishing contracts for up to three such book proposals independent of whether the manuscripts themselves have been completed. The proposals can describe work the author wishes to undertake in the near future.

Interested individuals should submit a 3-4,000 word overview of their proposed manuscript – detailing (a) the problem addressed as well as (b) a summary of what each chapter covers. The proposal should be written in a manner that non-academic readers find interesting and thought-provoking.


Submissions should be emailed to: bookseries@publicanthropology.org with the relevant material enclosed as attachments.


The Center for a Public Anthropology is a non-profit organization that encourages scholars and their students to address public problems in public ways.

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