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NAPA Career Profiles: Karen Greenough

Karen G

Karen Greenough is a Junior Researcher working in Burkina Faso at the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL).   Her career trajectory stemmed from her earlier work in Niger, where she was posted as a Peace Corps Volunteer and returned afterwards to live and learn about the region.

Greenough returned to the U.S. in 2001 to pursue a PhD in cultural anthropology with an emphasis on development at the University of Kentucky.

I focused on mobile Fulɓe pastoralists in Niger for both my thesis and my dissertation. After looking at several different… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – May 16, 2014

A biweekly look at recent stories on anthropology and practicing anthropologists in the popular media

Who Majors in Anthropology?

The Savage Minds post that catalogs well-known people who also studied anthropology is getting a lot of attention on LinkedIn and elsewhere. They could add President Obama’s mom… Continue reading

NAPA Career Profiles: Tim De Waal Malefyt

Timothy de Waal Malefyt has been a leading strategist in brand development for 15 years, working with companies like BBDO Worldwide and D’Arcy in New York and Benton & Bowles in Detroit.

“As a corporate anthropologist in the field of practice, I’ve worked in consumer marketing and advertising for several large firms. I am curious about how advertising messages can be meaningful to people, how products and brands engage people in ways that express who they are, what’s important to them.”

According to Tim, “Old School” advertising can turn people off as the typical ‘push’ approach can feel annoying to… Continue reading

Governing Council Today: Pam Puntenney, Member-at-Large

Hi, I’m Pam Puntenney and Chair of NAPA’s Lourdes Arizpe Award, a high profile initiative integrating external and internal engagement of our community of anthropologists. NAPA has created this award as an opportunity to recognize recent outstanding achievement in the application of anthropology to problems of global concern and discourse in international or domestic arenas across all sustainable systems issues and policy-making applications.  The creation and naming of this award highlights the critical need for anthropological knowledge and perspective in addressing current issues with larger implications for matters of global concern.  The Award is designed for two categories:… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – May 2, 2014

A biweekly look at recent stories on anthropology and practicing anthropologists in the popular media

In the Field

NAPA Career Profiles: Ted (Edward C.) Green

Ted (Edward C.) Green is perhaps most well known for his open critiques of the Western biomedical policies and practices of the AIDS establishment in its approach to Africa.  Taking a more anthropological approach, Green has argued that effective solutions to decreasing HIV infection should be rooted in the cultural practices and indigenous knowledge of the peoples that public health organizations intend to help (skim to page 28 here for more on this topic).


Controversy aside, Green has had a long and successful career in medical anthropology, with a professional skill set that includes project design and… Continue reading

Governing Council Today: Terry Redding, Communications Committee

[NOTE: Today marks the restarting of an important blog series, Governing Council Today. The series presents thoughts and information from members of the NAPA GC on a biweekly basis, to provide NAPA members with insights and transparency on the association’s leadership. The series will be coordinated by Bethany Grove and Amanda Woomer. For more information on the GC, select the “about” tab above.]

NAPA Communications and Online Career Resources

NAPA offers several web-based resources to facilitate the careers of budding and established practicing anthropologists. These resources are still under development; to help us in the process please let us know… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – April 18, 2014

A biweekly look at recent stories on anthropology and practicing anthropologists in the popular media

Anthropology in Medicine

  • It will surprise no one here that anthropologists are among the specialists being sent to Africa to handle the Ebola outbreak. They will help determine the best ways to approach the public and prevent the virus from spreading.
  • The Casper Journal published a profile (April 14) of Kelly Weidenbach—anthropologist, public health professional, and new executive director of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department in Wyoming.  Ms. Weidenbach has degrees in both anthropology and molecular biology, and talks about how anthropology helps… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – April 4, 2014

A biweekly look at recent stories on anthropology and practicing anthropologists in the popular media

AnthroBasics: Food. Water. Shelter.

  • In a video update of an earlier TEDx Talk, Wenonah Hauter warns about the dangers of privatizing poultry inspection. Hauter is the Executive Director of Food & Water Watch and an applied anthropologist. You can watch the original video here.
  • The Brownsville Herald ran a piece on Michael Mascha, the anthropologist responsible for the bottled water connoisseur site FineWaters.com. Mascha is a great example of how being flexible and able to adapt in response to challenges can lead… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – March 21, 2014

A biweekly look at recent stories on anthropology and practicing anthropologists in the popular media

Our Electronic Lives

  • Netflix hired anthropologist Grant McCracken to look at “binge-watching.” Be sure to get off your couch if Grant comes knocking on your door!
  • Anthropology gets the nod in an article about parents ignoring their kids while they use their smart phones. Is parent, child, and mobile device the new nuclear family?

Anthropology in Business