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Are You An Evaluator?

Join me in planning  the Evaluation Anthropology Interest Group Session at the AAA 2013 Chicago meetings.  For the second year, the NAPA Evaluation Anthropology Interest Group would like to submit a session on Topics in Evaluation Anthropology for the AAA meetings in Chicago.  The purpose of this series is to support discussion of the theoretical and methodological issues that we encounter as anthropologists conducting evaluations of programs, processes, projects and products.  We would like to showcase the technical basis of evaluation anthropology.   A 2012 session on preserving confidentiality in ethnographic evaluations generated a lot of interest.  We would like to continue this series by considering  other issues that we must address in doing evaluations from the perspective of anthropology.  Topics considered might include building credibility in evaluations relying on ethnographic methods, designing evaluations to reflect program achievements, and grounded theories in evaluation.  We are soliciting two things from you:  other issues that you would like to discuss and your own interest in participating in these sessions.    Please contact maryobutler@verizon.net to contribute your views to this effort or to volunteer to participate.

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