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Applied Researchers: Your Opinions Wanted

Are you an applied researcher who has utilized ethnography or adopted an anthropological perspective to gain insights on a research project? Are you an employer, client, or member of a cross-disciplinary team that has hired or worked closely with an anthropologist?

NAPA is looking into exploring and expanding its user-base and we want to hear from you. NAPA is working in collaboration with graduate students at the University of North Texas to conduct interviews of potential users of this website.

If you fit the above description and do not currently have an anthropology degree, we would like to invite you to participate in a brief interview and provide valuable feedback that may help shape the future of the NAPA website! To participate or to learn more about the study, please contact Riley Krehbiel via email, RileyKrehbiel@my.unt.edu. The deadline is Friday, Nov. 10, so please respond soon!

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