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Anthropology Without Doctorates

Inside Higher Ed has written an article about anthropologists without doctorates degrees.  You can find it here.

Here’s an exert: “The majority of people who earn terminal master’s degrees in anthropology identify themselves as professional anthropologists and credit their degrees with playing a big part in their career satisfaction, according to a study commissioned by the American Anthropological Association.

The study, called “The Changing Face of Anthropology,” was carried out by the association’s Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology, and is the widest-ranging effort undertaken to track master’s degrees in the discipline. Even though the master’s is the most common postsecondary graduate anthropology degree earned — the number of master’s degrees conferred in 2004 was about triple the number of doctorates that year, the authors note — information on what happens to graduates after they leave the academy has been largely absent until now.”

You can download the survey results here: http://www.aaanet.org/_cs_upload/resources/departments/44117_

There’s currently a discussion thread on the NAPA LinkedIn group about teaching anthropology without a doctorate degree.  Catch up with the discussion here.

One Response to Anthropology Without Doctorates

  • marie antoinette castelli says:

    i am very interested in anthropology of the beduoins in egypt the ma’aza tribes as i live amongst them in the desert. i once took one class on anthropology and liked it wished i had studied it more. anyhow i am fascinated with the book “beduoin life – in the Egyptian wilderness” published by university of texas by Josephe Hobbs. i would like to continue that study and write another work on it someday but that is just a dream. im not an anthropologist unfortunately.. my bachelors was computer science and master certificate project mgmt. but im 51yr old retired early and thinking id like to delve into some anthropology research on the maaza tribes. 😉