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AnthroJobs of the Week, May 5, 2017

OK, we know Cinco de Mayo is a made-up excuse to drink cerveza, but in honor of this dubious holiday we wanted to look for jobs in Mexico. Not much, but we did find lots of interesting volunteer positions through ELI Abroad. These include working with children, the environment,  in Maya communities, and international trade. https://www.eliabroad.org/mexico-volunteer-internships

If you are looking for entry level work in Chicago, consider being an aptitude test administrator with the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation . Maybe you can learn a little something about your own inherent skills: https://jocrf.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=12

For foodies, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) seeks a post-doc level agri-food economist for their Asia bureau. It looks like the position is based in Hanoi, and requires someone with a background in agricultural or environmental economics, with specializations in agri-food markets, value chains and systems. http://ciat.cgiar.org/wp-content/uploads/jobs_CIAT_agrifood_economist_Asia.pdf.

As ever, feel free to let us know what kinds of jobs you are looking for, and we can keep you posted.


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