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AnthroJobs of the Week, 26 May 2017

India should be a fascinating place to be for the next several years as economic development leads to cultural shifts. If you speak English and Hindi, a couple of positions are open with the “Going to School” project.  See their website at http://www.goingtoschool.com/jobs/.  One job for which anthropologists are sought is a project lead for a story writing effort for school children. This involves travel from Delhi to Bihar, one of India’s poorest states.  The other is a similar position as a storyteller/writer.  

Closer to home, the State of Texas has posted an intriguing position in Austin as a Mitigation Specialist. The position involves working on the cases of death-sentenced clients, to investigate, research, and analyze relevant information. Preferred work experiences include criminal justice work, mental health and trauma, and work with persons of various cultural backgrounds.

Have a look at their very slow-loading website: http://www.ocfw.texas.gov/employment/mitigation-specialist/.

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