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AnthroJobs: Jobs of the week – October 21, 2016

I went to another career fair here in Raleigh, NC. It was a career fair tailored for mostly STEM majors, engineers, biologists, mathematicians, but I went anyway. I talked to over a dozen HR professionals and, as usual, I had to do some convincing that anthropologists don’t just dig bones, but we are also pretty good at understanding the world, including their customers’ wants and wishes. Some recruiters showed genuine interest, others were belittling. I walked home, reflecting on this experience and once I sat at my computer to get ready to write my weekly blog post, I found this article on Huffington Post, written by anthropologist George Leader. It made my day. Here’s a quote to motivate you to read it: “To just understand and appreciate the differences that motivate hate or divisiveness would do wonders to begin eliminating it. (…) We must educate our next generation of business leaders, doctors, nurses, engineers and those pursuing all careers towards a worldview that is not limited but conscious. Anthropology should be an integral part of the education of policy makers and law enforcement.”

That being said, A Wider Circle is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator in Silver Springs, Maryland. You will work closely with individual volunteers, corporate groups, school groups, and others from the community and across the United States, attend fairs and other events to recruit volunteers and to present our work in various settings, assess organizational needs and design volunteer roles accordingly, among other things. Prepare a cover letter and apply here.

If you have significant experience in research design for field-based programs and would like to work in in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the International Rescue Committee is looking for a Senior Gender Based Violence Advisor. You will work on a multi-year, multimillion dollar USAID-funded project in DRC aimed at ensuring that individuals affected by gender-based violence in DRC gain access to quality and timely care and treatment services. For more details about the position and how to apply, click here.

Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!

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