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AnthroJob of the Week changes

You may have noticed already that the “AnthroJob of the Week” blog has moved from Fridays to Tuesdays. This should represent a permanent change.

You might also have noticed that the blog is under new authorship. Nancy Verduzco and Caroline Hanson will share duties in presenting interesting jobs each week that call for anthropology degrees of one level or another. Have a look at their bios below, and be sure to let others know about this informative and valuable blog.

Caroline Hanson was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. After graduating from the College of Wooster with a double major in Chinese and Anthropology she moved to Beijing, where she worked with Volunteers in Asia, teaching English at the University of Science and Technology Beijing and working at a local NGO. After two years in China, she returned home to pursue her Master’s in Public Anthropology at American University. Currently, she is working at CARE, hoping to apply her anthropology and international experience to the international development field. She practices yoga and explores travel opportunities as often as possible.

Noting her vision for the AnthroJob of the Week blog, Caroline says, “I hope that the blog allows the exploration of career opportunities in the numerous fields that need anthropologists. As a recent Masters student graduate, I understand how hard and difficult the job search is. I hope to provide some hope, clarity, and ideas regarding new and different opportunities.”

Nancy Verduzco was born and raised in Pomona, California, and is the daughter of immigrants. She is a Masters Candidate in anthropology at California State U., Los Angeles. She is a student leader, the President of the Association of Student Anthropologists (ASA), and stays involved in social justice movements. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for organizations that share her values. In the past, she has worked with City of Los Angeles’ Commission on the Status of Women, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and most recently, IntoAction. Nancy loves to travel, whether it be through a book or physically exploring unfamiliar places.

“I hope that the blog empowers anthropologists across ranks to explore career options,” says Nancy. “I want it to be a place of hope and inspiration to achieve dreams/goals through employment.”

NAPA welcomes Caroline and Nancy to the communications team, and wishes them much success in their own job searches!

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