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AnthroCurrents Blog Returns

The NAPA Communications Committee is happy to announce that the AnthroCurrents blog, started by Cathy White and most recently authored energetically by Walter Pond, is set to relaunch under the stewardship of Julia Wignall.

Julia currently works as an anthropologist performing data analysis, ethnography and research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She finished her Master’s in applied anthropology 3.5 years ago and says she is still “figuring it out.”

Says Julia: “I am excited to contribute to AnthroCurrents since I have the same thing to gain as you, the reader; to learn how anthropologists and the discipline are represented in the media, and the varied and interesting roles that anthropologists fill. I’m also really hoping you won’t leave me hanging—feel free to stop by and leave your thoughts, daydreams, insights or just a hello. This is a community after all! Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy my take on anthropology in the news.”

Julia should be issuing her first post soon. Be sure to respond with your thoughts and comments, and be sure to let others know about how the blog highlights anthropological activities as seen through the public lens.

Welcome, Julia!







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