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AnthroCurrents – October 16, 2017

MacArthur Genius Award winner, anthropologist Jason de Leon

MacArthur Genius Award winner, anthropologist Jason de Leon

Hey all, sorry for the sudden radio silence and lack of posts.  I know there isn’t a reason good enough to have abandoned you all so recklessly, so without further adieu…

As I’m sure most of you know, Anthropologist Jason de Leon was recently awarded the MacArthur Genius award.  Check out this video about his work and read about other winners.

This article features anthropologist Robin Nelson’s research on sexual harassment in academia.

Did the election make you stop listening to or reading the news?  Anthropologist Carolyn Rouse decided to go to the source.  Check out this piece on “The Art of Listening”.

Can you engineer the anthropology of the city?  This article left me wondering how will people’s experiences shape engineering?  How will the city of the future use ethnographic or anthropologically informed data for good?  How can you avoid creating designed behaviors that do not leave room for choice?

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