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AnthroCurrents March 1, 2017

Dr. Paul Stoller is asking American society to think about creating a more inclusive set of cultural values that accounts for our diverse and even still rapidly diversifying society.

Gotta find them all?  Anthropologists have partnered with a computer scientist to design a facial recognition system for… LEMURS!

Sociologist Sarah Thorton uses ethnography to document the art world. What do you think of her descriptive day-in-the-life approach?

Anthropologist Rob Thorne is helping to revive Māori instruments. (check out the video!)

Finally, Daniel Knight, an anthropologist doing fieldwork in Thessaly, Greece is shedding light on the effects of the Greece debt crisis.   The chaos and focus on Athens has left many rural civilians feeling stuck between the past and the future.  Mixed messages such as energy use practices and the fear of hunger and famine affect daily life in the agricultural plains.


LemurFaceID recognizes lemurs' skin and fur patterns with nearly 99 percent accuracy. (Photo: Stacey Tecot)

LemurFaceID recognizes lemurs’ skin and fur patterns with nearly 99 percent accuracy. (Photo: Stacey Tecot)

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