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AnthroCurrents February 15, 2017

Will you be participating in anthropology day tomorrow?  I look forward to the surge of stories about anthropology and anthropologists in the news.  If you’re a practitioner and you’re publishing something—please send us a note, we’d love to feature you!

Who’s asking whom to be their valentine? Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher of match.com reports that men want women to make the first move.

Anthropologists team up with NASA to study urbanization in the Himalayas.  Their mixed methods approach was initially thought too unusual until the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, which highlighted the significant vulnerabilities that can result from rapid urbanization.

zora neale hurston

photo: Flickr/FloridaMemory

For black history month, Revelist put together a list of 10 black women overlooked trailblazers, including anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston.

Practitioners putting the culture in agricultural & farm safety work.

And finally, could building social networks reduce female genital mutilation?

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