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Action Anthropology and Sol Tax in 2012: The Final Word?

Action Anthropology and Sol Tax in 2012: The Final Word?

Edited by Darby C. Stapp

 Available at 264 pages

eBook: $3.99 16 illustrations Printed copy: $10.99 8 vignettes

 16 commentaries



Action Anthropology and Sol Tax are both important chapters in the development of contemporary anthropology and applied social science. Although unknown or forgotten by most, both continue to be revered and applied by a group of intellectual descendants who will not let die either the man or the approach to helping communities. In 2010 and 2011, former students, colleagues, the two Tax daughters—both academic professionals—and others came together to explore the relevance of Action Anthropology and Sol Tax to applied social science today. In reflecting on the history of the man and the intellectual tradition that he inspired, the authors document the many contributions made by Tax and his student-colleague cohorts. Using examples from contemporary applications, the contributors also demonstrate the present-day power of the ideas and approaches developed over the first 75 years.


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* Tenets of Action Anthropology * The Carnegie Cherokee Project

* 1961 American IndianChicagoConference * History of Anthropology

* The Meskwakie and the Fox Project * Sol Tax Timeline & Bibliography

* Contemporary Anthropological Work inGuatemala

* 2011SeattleTraditional FoodSummit* 1968 AAA Fishing Rights Session * Anthropology and the Continuing Food Crisis

* The Global Futurist Model and Small-Nation Solutions

* Geographer Gilbert White * Cherokee Anthropologist Robert K. Thomas



Foreword: DewardE. WalkerJr.

Preface:  Darby C. Stapp

Introduction:  Darby C. Stapp


Sol Tax Timeline

1. Sol Tax, Pioneer in Participatory Research: Joan Ablon

Commentary (Jay Miller, Susan Tax Freeman, and Joan Ablon) .

Statement on Peyote (Weston La Barre, David P. McAllester, J.S. Slotkin,

Omer C. Stewart, and Sol Tax)


2. The Carnegie Project: Action Anthropology Among theOklahomaCherokees: Albert L. Wahrhaftig

Vignette: Jews Are Indians from the Other Side of the Water (Albert L. Wahrhaftig)


3. Faith in Science and Government: Applying Knowledge for Human Betterment by Chicagoans Sol Tax and Geographer Gilbert White: Robert E. Hinshaw


4. Sol Tax as Father: Marianna Tax Choldin


5. On Sol Tax, Some Notes: Susan Tax Freeman

Syllabus from 1958 Action Anthropology Class

(Sol Tax and Leonard Borman)


6. Beyond Collaboration: Action Anthropology as Decolonization: Joshua Smith

Commentary (Harvey Choldin)

Commentary (Albert L. Wahrhaftig) .

Question: What is the Source of the Action? (Kevin Preister)


7. A Hometown Ethnographer’s View of the Fox Project: Douglas E. Foley

Commentary (Joan Ablon)  

Commentary (Sarah Anne Robinson)

Commentary (Robert A. Rubinstein)

Commentary (Sandy Lane)


8. From Activist to Action: How Dr. Sol Tax Helped Me Find My Way in Anthropology: Tim Wallace


9. Helping While Studying People:Guatemala: Robert E. Hinshaw

Vignette: MyLakeat the Center of the World (Robert E. Hinshaw)


10. Impressions and Reflections: A Week in the Cherokee Nation, 2002: Albert L. Wahrhaftig


11. The 2011SeattleTraditional FoodsSummit: Darby C. Stapp

The 1968SeattleSession on Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting (Sam Stanley)

Vignette: The Impact of Sol Tax on the Development of My

Professional Career (David G. Rice)


12. Sol Tax’s Global Futurist Model and Small-Nation Solutions: John H. Bodley


13. Action Anthropology: Its Past, Present, and Future: Solomon H. Katz

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