NAPA Committee Descriptions

(Contact committee chairs through the Governing Council page or the Contact Us page)

Maintain and evaluate the NAPA website, blogs, list serv, and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn); produce the NAPA Notes newsletter three times annually;  develop other efforts by NAPA to communicate with its members and with the larger practitioner community. Develop promotional materials as needed.  Committee Members.

Develop policy around the ethics of anthropological practice, and consider special cases. Committee Members.

Local Practitioner Organizations:
Facilitate and assist the national network of LPOs that provide front-line resources and contact with the profession to many practitioners and students.

Develop policies, activities, and initiatives to recruit, retain, renew, and serve NAPA members.  Run the information table at annual AAA meetings, produce needed materials, and generally promote NAPA. Committee Members.

Develop and promote NAPA mentoring programs, assign mentors, and monitor the operation of professional support for NAPA members, both professionals and students.  Committee Members.

Solicit articles and other materials of interest to NAPA members; edit and compile materials; design the NAPA newsletter, “NAPA Notes”  (part of the Communications Committee).

Solicit nominees for AAA elected positions;  nominate individuals from within the NAPA membership for election to NAPA offices.

Organizational Relations:
The Committee hosts the Careers Expo each year at the AAA meeting at which new/young professional anthropologists, students, and the faculty who support them can explore a changing, diverse array of anthropological careers. For over a decade the Expo has brought together professional anthropologists from varied professional pathways to meet with hundreds of young anthropologists to provide career guidance. Committee Members


Solicit and review papers and sessions for NAPA sponsorship at the AAA annual meeting.  Compile and monitor the professional program.

Oversee the NAPA publications program, including the Annals of Anthropological Practice.

Recruit and coordinate volunteers to serve on NAPA committees and as needed, and serve as a point of contact for those wishing to volunteer.

Recruit and offer workshops to help students and practitioners to increase knowledge around theoretical, methodological, and substantive practice areas, and to develop “soft/hard” professional skills.  Workshops are made available to members and non-members at AAA and other related conferences. Committee Members