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NAPA Podcasts 2014

The first audios in the NAPA Podcast Series focused on career trajectories. Eight experienced anthropologists discussed their career paths after graduate school, including what they do, how they apply lessons and skills from anthropology, and what relevant skills they have acquired from outside of anthropology.

The first NAPA Podcast Series was coordinated and edited by Steven K. Wilson. Listen to a brief (four-minute) introduction and preview:

Note: Podcast contents remain the intellectual property of the interviewees and are intended solely for the private, educational purposes of users. No part of the podcasts may be used for any other purposes without the consent of the interviewees.

The streaming length of each podcast is noted below. Download times will depend on your internet connection speed.

Pilot Series: Career Trajectories

Mari H. Clark
Independent Consultant
World Bank et al.
Date: January 12, 2014
Length: 24 minutes
File size: 11 MB
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Patricia Ensworth
Harborlight Management Services
Date: November 23, 2013
Length: 18 minutes
File size: 8.5 MB
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Adam Koons
Senior Vice President for Program Management
Relief International
Date: January 8, 2014
Length: 35 minutes
File size: 16 MB
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C. Timothy McKeown
Legal Anthropologist (litigation support)
U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians
Date: January 25, 2014
Length: 37 minutes
File size: 17.5 MB
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Mary Odell Butler
Program Evaluation Manager (retired)
Date: November 23, 2014
Length: 26 minutes
File size: 12 MB
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Ellen Puccia
Beta Research Associates
Date: November 24, 2013
Length: 12 minutes
File size: 5.5 MB
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Laurie Schwede
Social Science Research Analyst
U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Survey Measurement
Date: January 26, 2014
Length: 34 minutes
File size: 16 MB
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Stan Yoder
Senior Qualitative Research Specialist (retired)
ICF International, Demographic and Health Survey Group
Date: January 16, 2014
Length: 28 minutes
File size: 13 MB
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One Response to NAPA Podcasts 2014

  • Anthropology Disenchanted says:

    My experience of what you call the ““real world” of practitioneranthropology” of an M.A. graduate is NO decent job related to the field. I had one field job where I had to dig heavy-machinery, packed-down dirt within a time limit and was harassed by watching males while trying to do it. I did the heavy labor required in heaving the full buckets and screening the dirt, although the males were constantly told to put less in the buckets. I received back problems. I was sex harassed by 2 younger males on the job.
    Previously while taking a M.A. archaeology field class, the male professor had repeatedly told me to “touch his monkey.” He also came up behind me while I was digging and pushed his crouch into my behind. His abuse continued after I told him it was offensive. Other students witnessed this. After I submitted a complaint to the university, they wrote back that they dismissed it. Other students have told me about their harassment by this professor. He still works there. That is what I got for my for all my hard work completing my M.A. in anthropology.

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