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NAPA Podcast Series

The NAPA Podcast Series

The NAPA Podcast Series is a useful collection of practical recordings for anthropology students, educators, and practitioners of all interests.

The first audios (2014) focus on career trajectories. Eight experienced anthropologists look back discuss their career paths after graduate school, including what they do, how they apply lessons and skills from anthropology, and what relevant skills they have acquired from outside of anthropology.

The follow up audios (2015) examine MA recipients immediately after graduation. Eight new anthropologists who received their degrees within the prior two years discuss their initial post-graduation steps, decisions, and outcomes. Their experiences demonstrate the diversity of potential for MA graduates in applied anthropology.

Podcast contents remain the intellectual property of the interviewees and are intended solely for the private, educational purposes of users. No part of the podcasts may be used for any other purposes without the consent of the interviewees.

Podcasts were recorded in MP3 format.  Included in the information for each podcast is the streaming time length.  Actual download times will depend on your internet connection speed.

You can help us to develop this series by telling us who you are, why you are interested in the podcasts, and what topics you would like to see in the future. Enter your comments at the bottom of the page, or submit your comments privately via our contact form.

 SfAA Podcasts
In conjunction with the Univeristy of North Texas, the Society for Applied Anthropology has produced annual meeting podcasts for several years. See the pocast website to review their many offerings: http://sfaapodcasts.net/



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