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NAPA Career Profile Interview Series, 2013-14

These brief interviews of some key anthropological practitioners appeared on the NAPA LinkedIn pages (2013); subsequent interviews were posted on the NAPA blog (2014). They are listed here by the most recent interviews. The interview series was produced by NAPA Communications Committee members Kristin Keller and Nicole Conand.


September 19: Suzanne Hanchett, Planned Alternatives for Change LLC

September 16: Robert Winthrop, US Bureau of Land Management

September 2: Monica Hunter, PAST Foundation

August 19: Marc Hebert, San Francisco Human Services Agency

August 5: Mary Odell Butler, WESTAT

July 22: John Mason, International Development Consultant

July 8: Jen Cardew Kersey, Global Advertising

June 24: Jenny Masur, National Park Service

June 10: Bryan Dennis, Dennis Consulting LLC

May 27: Karen Greenough, West African Science Service Center

May 13: Timothy de Waal Malefyt, Fordham U.

April 29: Edward C. (Ted) Green, International Development Researcher


August 27: Laurie Krieger, Manoff Group 

August 13Melissa Cefkin, IBM

July 30Elizabeth Schill, Deloitte

July 16Patricia Sunderland of Practica Group LLC

July 2Cathleen Crain, LTG Associates, Inc.



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