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NAPA Archives

The archive houses documents and information on NAPA’s history, goverance, and resources. Its development is ongoing, and we welcome your suggestions.



Some 257 pages of letters, notes, memos, report drafts, receipts and other pieces of NAPA’s founding.



The initial podcast pilot series launched in March/April 2014, and featured interviews with eight practitioner anthropologists about their work and career trajectories.
Podcast Pilot Series



These brief interviews originally appeared on the NAPA LinkedIn pages. They are listed here in their entirety, most recent interviews first. Starting in April of 2014, the series was moved to the blog page of this website.
Interview Series Archive

Direct Links:
July 2, 2013:  http://lnkd.in/_S3vzf

Dec. 13, 2013: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/NAPA-Profiles-Past-president-Mary-1123547.S.5813665146530181122?qid=7e8f3447-67d2-4da7-b701-c160a5e205c6&trk=groups_most_recent-0-b-ttl&goback=.gmr_1123547




The NAPA Governing Council meetings twice annually, during the AAA and SfAA meetings. Committee chairs submit reports before each meeting covering their respective committee’s status, progress, and challenges. Reports are in chronological order, in PDF format.



NAPA’s past presidents are nearly evenly split between those based inside and outside of the academy:   List of Past NAPA Presidents




  •  In 2010, the NAPA Membership Committee conducted a survey of past NAPA Presidents to gain their impressions on NAPA and its services to members. The nine most recent presidents responded to several open-ended questions. A survey report is available in PDF format.
  •  In 2004 NAPA conducted a quick survey to determine members’ feelings towards the AAA’s decision to move the annual meeting from San Francisco to Atlanta. A survey report is available in PDF format (link to come).
  •  NAPA sponsored a survey of alumni of master’s level applied anthropology training programs that was conducted in January 2000. The survey report is available in PDF format.


NAPA Expense Reimbursement

Other Information


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