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Annual Meeting 2014

December 3-7, Washington, DC:    Help us celebrate NAPA’s 30th Anniversary!


The following NAPA activities will be underway during the 2014 annual meeting:

  • NAPA-sponsored Panel Sessions and Roundtables
  • NAPA Workshops
  • Careers Expo
  • Networking Event
  • Business Meeting and 30th Anniversary Reception
  • Governing Council Meeting
  • NAPA and LPO Information Table
  • Instant Mentoring

Scroll down to see a daily calendar of NAPA-sponsored events and activities. (Scheduling is currently underway. Dates and activities will be announced when confirmed through AAA, in late summer or early fall.)

WEDNESDAY, December 3


THURSDAY, December 4


FRIDAY, December 5


SATURDAY, December 6



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