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NAPA Workshops at the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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New methods and theory

  1. Introductory Participatory Design Workshop: Overview and Introduction to Methods – Nancy Fried Foster
  2. Tourism Research Workshop: Theoretical Frameworks, Approaches and Practices – Quetzil Castaneda and Tim Wallace
  3.  Anthropologist in Evaluation: An Introduction to Evaluation Concepts – Mary Odell Butler and Lenora Bohren
  4. Anthropology in Focus Groups: Expanded Opportunities for Anthropologists in Marketing Research – Robert J. Morais
  5. Ideas and Techniques for Organizing an Ethnographic Field School – James Tim Wallace and George Gmelch

Career Planning

  1. Stress Management and Building Self-Esteem for Students and Beginning Professionals – Teresita Majewski
  2.  Presenting Yourself in Professional Life – Cathleen Crain, Niel Tashima, Mark Edberg
  3.  Putting Anthropology to Work: Taking A Life Course Approach to Your Career – Sherylyn Hope Briller
  4. It’s Who You Know: Using Networking Techniques and Strategies to Increase Your Networking Success – Sabrina Nichelle Scott, Ed Liebow, and Jen Cardew Kersey

Foundational Skills for Practicing Anthropologists

  1. Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 1 – Ken C. Erickson and Stephanie Paladino
  2. Preparing Undergraduates to Practice Anthropology – Anne J. Goldberg
  3.  The UN/Civil Society Interface: Walking and Working the UN Corridors – Eva Friedlander and Pam Puntenney
  4.  Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 2 – Ken C. Erickson and Stephanie Paladino

Technology Skills

  1. Beyond Bullet Points: How To Create a Visual Presentation – Jen Cardew Kersey
  2.  Free Software For Writing and Managing Fieldnotes: New Release of Fieldworks Data Notebook – Tim Wallace and Tom Woodward

Communication Outside of Anthropology

  1.  Engaging Journalism: Making Anthropology Visible in the Public Sphere – Brian McKenna
  2. Marketing the Anthropological Lens – Rita M. Denney and Patricia L. Sunderland
  3.  Transferring Ethnographic Competencies to Subject Matters Experts – Margaret H. Szymanski and Brigette Jordan

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