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2009 MA Alumni Survey

You may have already received word about the 2009 MA Alumni Survey being undertaken by AAA/CoPAPIA since it was launched last month.

We in NAPA are making a special effort to help network the survey because NAPA has more Masters alumni (probably) than any other Section other than (perhaps) Archaeology.  And, it’s the right thing to do – we know very little about where Masters grads end up, their career trajectories, their experiences and reflections on their degree programs, and any organizational affiliation needs they may have.  The anonymous survey takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

If you have a Masters degree – and if you have friends and colleagues with Masters degrees in Anthropology (before 2008), PLEASE take the survey and pass it along to them.  The direct link to the survey is: http://research.zarca.com/k/SsRXQTsVTsPsPsP.

The genesis of the survey comes from a number of different interests. The AAA would like to connect with more Masters alumni with regard to planning services, programs, and benefits.  Departments of Anthropology nationwide graduate over 1,000 Masters students per year.  Yet we know very little about their careers, their educational experience, and their needs for organizational affiliation.  We have learned that departments of Anthropology would like feedback on their graduate programs’ usefulness as their Masters graduates pursue careers in the broad array specializations characteristics of the discipline.  In creating the survey, CoPAPIA engaged the advice of an extensive Advisory Network to provide feedback from all specialties across Anthropology.  I served on the Advisory Network along with 20 other individuals from all subdisciplines and degree statuses of Anthropology.  The CoPAPIA organizers of the survey are Shirley J. Fiske, Linda Bennett , Patricia Ensworth, and survey director Terry Redding.  Queries can be directed to MASurvey2009@aaanet.org or any of the previous individuals.

More details and information about the survey, including the membership of the Advisory Network, can be found on the CoPAPIA information web page.

Results from the survey will be published through the AAA, including the Anthropology Newsletter and the AAA web site. Individual respondents can request a copy of the survey report as well. Analysis will begin in fall 2009 and the report is expected at the end of 2009 or early 2010.

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